Inspection & quality assurance

Our experienced and skilled Fabric Engineers who instruct the whole team to check and cross check the quality parameters in every process, thereby guaranteeing your desired quality standards. Kores bangladesh ltd follows a quality manual of its own. It is developed in alignment with the quality standard of most of the buyers in located Europe and also the rest of the world. We follow this procedure to ensure there is no mistake made in the product and if there is we find it early and take corrective measures. We conduct regular inline inspection at AQL 2.5 mostly and the report is distributed among everybody involve in the factory and in our Office. Accordingly we take necessary actions to ensure quality standards are always met.

Minding Quality

Shade variation in minding parts is being controlled. Other important quality aspects that are taken care are like using of pattern according to fabric part shrinkage, controlling fabric part skew or torque, all plaids, horizontal/vertical stripes are given extra care so as to match the stripes.

Safety Measure For Kids

To ensure no broken needle remain inside garment, all kids garments are passed through a metal detecting machine. Secondly, garments with small parts embellishments as sequins, beads etc. are labeled with "WARNING...CHOKING HAZARD". Accessory items with sharp points and edges are not used on children garments. Button pull strength, sequence as per the buyer's requirement.

  • Initial Production Control (IPC)
    Done at the time the manufacturer has initial output for all sizes and color.
  • During Production Control (DUPRO)
    Done when the manufacturer output represent 30 to 50% of the contracted quantities. DUPRO may be done 3 to 4 times depending on the problems found in the production flow.
  • Final Random Inspection (FRI)
    Done at the time the goods are completely packed in export cartons and packing lists is presented to inspection team prior to actual inspection of goods.